Accounts payable automation

Beyond OCR  

Transform your accounts payable experience with WiseVision, the cutting-edge solution from MakersHub. Going beyond traditional OCR, WiseVision revolutionizes AP processing with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

Efficiency Redefined

WiseVision's data extraction capabilities extend far beyond just a few fields, encompassing a comprehensive range of data points for thorough and detailed financial processing.

Line Item Detail

WiseVision excels in meticulously extracting line item details from bills, ensuring precise data capture for comprehensive financial analysis and reporting.

Versatile Document Handling

Efficiently extract data from a variety of bill and invoice formats, simplifying the accounts payable process. This significantly reduces manual data entry for businesses of all types.

PO & Payment Terms

Efficiently extract Purchase Order (PO) numbers and payment terms from documents, streamlining the accounts payable process and enhance transaction accuracy.

Precise Data Capture

Customizable mapping rules in this technology enable precise data categorization, enhancing accuracy and relevance in financial record organization for efficient management.


Adaptive Learning Capabilities

WiseVision's "AdaptiveLearning"  feature employs advanced machine learning algorithms to continuously improve its handling of various document formats and layouts. This technology enables the system to learn from each processed document, enhancing its data extraction accuracy over time. As it encounters different types of financial documents, the algorithms adjust and refine the extraction process, making it increasingly efficient and reliable. This adaptive learning ensures that WiseVision stays ahead in terms of accuracy and efficiency, catering specifically to the evolving needs of diverse businesses and their unique documentation.

The "Continuous Improvement" feature embodies the dynamic nature of machine learning. With each interaction, the system not only learns but also enhances its precision and efficiency. This continuous learning process is akin to an ever-improving cycle, where the system adapts and refines its approach based on the data it encounters. This ensures that the technology is not static but dynamic, consistently evolving to meet the changing demands and complexities of financial document processing. As a result, users benefit from a system that becomes more adept and efficient over time, offering a level of sophistication and accuracy that improves with each use.

The "Customization" feature of WiseVision focuses on the ability to tailor learning parameters to align with the unique needs of different businesses and their specific document types. This customization allows for a more personalized approach, ensuring that the system adapts not just to general document formats, but also to the particular nuances and requirements of each business. Users can adjust settings to optimize data extraction and processing for their specific types of invoices, receipts, and other financial documents.

WiseVision will "Reduce Errors Over Time" by leveraging its advanced learning capability to decrease inaccuracies in data capture. As it processes an increasing volume of a company's specific documents, the system fine-tunes its data extraction methods, leading to a notable reduction in errors. This improvement is achieved through continuous learning and adaptation, allowing WiseVision to recognize and correct patterns of errors while becoming more familiar with each business's unique document characteristics. This results in enhanced recognition algorithms that align closely with a company's operational needs, thereby ensuring a more reliable, efficient, and precise accounts payable process.

WiseVision is "Efficient in Diverse Environments", demonstrating its effectiveness across various industries and complex document types. Its adaptability to different sectors' unique demands ensures high-performance standards in processing intricate invoices in manufacturing, detailed receipts in retail, or varied financial documents in services. Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, WiseVision accurately captures data from a wide range of document formats and layouts, tackling industry-specific challenges with ease. This versatility provides businesses facing diverse financial documentation with consistent and reliable data processing, making WiseVision an essential tool for multifaceted and dynamic business landscapes.


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Advanced OCR Technology
Experience unparalleled accuracy in data extraction with WiseVision's state-of-the-art OCR technology, turning complex documents into actionable data.
Customizable Learning Parameters
Tailor WiseVision to your unique business needs with customizable learning parameters, ensuring precise data categorization and processing for every document type.
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